An Awesome, PR-Worthy Commercial from Intel

TED recently awarded The Chase, an Intel’s commercial,  as an Ad Worth Spreading.    For all those looking for new examples of how advertising and public relations work together to build a brand story, this video is a perfect example by meeting three basic PR/social media objectives:

  1. It tells a story that not only entertains, but informs and is highly relevant to the brand.  The Chase takes us through all the capabilities of an Intel-powered PC…within an exciting short movie.
  2. It is designed to not simply be viral, but conversational – the commercial seems to be designed to be both past around both for creativity but also have the messages communicated discussed online.  By discussing the creative elements, one is discussing all the Intel powered capabilities  (just watch it and you’ll see).
  3. It has long term potential  - it can turn into a long term campaign easily updated with new Intel powered capabilities (as they are developed).