Gartner Hype Cycle – What You Need to Know

The Gartner Hype Cycle is a good look at what’s being hyped, what moving past the hype and what’s actually being adopted.  As new types of video services such as Over-the-Top TV are the rage, it’s worth taking a look at where hyped video technologies stand.  The ones at the top of the curve are likely to dominate the market dialogue this year.  This means that communications and marketing strategies will often revolve around these topics even as others see broader adoption.  Here are some key ones to watch:

What’s hot:

  • Video search – Gartner lists it as rising up the initial hype curve.  I was surprised to see this but it may be do to products like Google TV pushing discovery (search) on TV.
  • Internet TV is also on the rise – I’m assuming this refers to Over-the-Top TV and offerings like Hulu moving to these platforms (as opposed to the old MSN TV). 
  • 3D displays – these are at the top and may fall off if they don’t wow consumers this year.  However, the industry is now talking about 3D TV without the glasses.  Broad adoption may be a few years off but could move the category back to the hype curve.

Tablets, public clouds, and gesture recognition are just a few of the technologies that Gartner thinks are bound for disillusionment.

(credit: Gartner)